Our Mission and Approach

Asia Society Center for Global Education's mission is to develop global competence in students, young leaders, and educators as the foundation for understanding between people in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world.

What Is Global Competence?

Globally competent students have the knowledge, skills, and disposition to:

  • Investigate the World
  • Weigh Perspectives
  • Communicate Ideas
  • Take Action

Through a variety of initiatives, professional development offerings, partnerships, and resources, Asia Society strives to provide educators, school districts, parents, and communities with the tools and support they need to globalize learning and better prepare young people for the global innovation age.

Our primary goal is to build capacity in the field of education to ensure that future generations of citizens graduate both college- and career-ready, and globally competent. Learn more about Asia Society Center for Global Education initiatives.

"Being globally competent will give you an advantage in a globalized workforce ... it builds a culture of empathy." Felix Ruano, ISSSN graduate and Harvard undergrad