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Children play at a picnic organized by Bangladeshi Americans in Astoria Park, Queens, on August 14, 2022. 
Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani has spent years documenting New York's Bangladeshi American community.
Charkint Governor Salima Mazari, one of Afghanistan’s highest ranking female politicians ever, points a gun as she visits forces in Charkint district, Balkh province on June 29, 2021. She devoted much of her last years in office to repelling Taliban encroachments.
A Pulitzer Prize-winning Afghan photographer shares the last batch of images he took in his homeland — before he fled to save his life.
Chinatown Pretty documents innovative styles by elderly Chinese Americans
A project dedicated to celebrating the resilience — and style — of the elderly in North America’s Chinatowns has recently taken on a whole new meaning.
A protester flashes a five-finger gesture during a demonstration in Hong Kong.
A dramatic year of change as seen through the lens of a photojournalist.
Flames engulf a New York Police Department (NYPD) vehicle in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on May 30, 2020.
An Asian American photographer documents New York City’s tumultuous year.
A group of coal miners
A miner-turned-photographer reflects on life in China’s coal country.
An open field
A worsening climate is destroying how people farm, fish, and forage across Asia. No longer able to scratch a living from the land, the continent’s poorest are increasingly seeking work abroad — and finding themselves ever more vulnerable to the dangers that follow.