The Asia Society Southern California’s U.S.-China Film Summit is the premier U.S. event uniting Hollywood and Chinese film-industry leaders to discuss business collaboration and the latest market trends. Established in 2010, the Film Summit has led the conversation about U.S.-Chinese film co-production and delivered high-quality speakers, spurring rapid expansion of the conference, drawing ever more senior executives and government officials and generating national media coverage.

The Film Summit and Gala Dinner bring together prominent American and Chinese film-industry representatives who are interested in partnerships, distribution, financing, creative development, policy, and cultural issues relevant to the Hollywood-China relationship. As the Film Summit has grown – nearly 400 people attended last year’s conference and 270 attended the separate dinner – so to has seniority of attendees. We attract top executives from Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount and DreamWorks Animation, and leading American and Chinese entertainment companies, including Creative Artists Agency, IMAX, Dalian Wanda Group, and LeVision Pictures Group. 



EMASIA programs focus on the entertainment and media sector. Asia Society Southern California’s EMASIA initiative produces unique events that join people from both the Eastern and Western cultures in an environment where the participants can learn from each other and develop lasting relationships with people and companies they otherwise never had the chance to meet. The U.S.-China Film Summit is EMASIA's leading program. 

Recent EMASIA events include:

2016 U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala Dinner
2015 U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala Dinner 
2014 U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala Dinner
2013 U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala Dinner
2012 U.S.- China Film Summit and Gala Dinner
2011 U.S. - China Film Summit


ASSC is the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan, pan- Asian organization dedicated to strengthening relationships and promoting understanding among the people of Southern California and the Asia-Pacific region. Established in Los Angeles in 1985, ASSC is ideally situated in America’s gateway to Asia. Through creative programs and activities, ASSC has played a pivotal role in increasing shared knowledge, enhancing dialogue and furthering cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Asia.

Founded by John D. Rockefeller III in 1956, the Asia Society is headquartered in New York. In addition to Los Angeles, the organization has global centers in Hong Kong, Houston, Manila, Mumbai, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney and Washington, DC. For more information, go to www.asiasociety.org/southern-california.