The Class of 2015

Dang Weikun is a senior at Tsinghua University majoring in accounting and journalism. She is the co-founder of Tsinghua University’s “Lean in Circle,” a peer support group inspired by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg that helps women achieve professional and personal success. Dang is passionate about gender equality and women’s education in contemporary society. 



Hong Xinyu is a junior at People’s University of China majoring in sociology. She is the supervisor of a program that provides educational support to children of migrant workers. Xinyu is passionate about education, the development of Chinese NGOs, and not-for-profit ventures. 



Liang Qiqi is a junior at Sun Yat-Sen University majoring in marketing and English. She is the founder and executive director of New Leaves, an organization that creates safe communal spaces for migrant sanitation workers through which they can build their own support networks. Inspired by her own research project on sanitation workers in Guangzhou, Qiqi proposed a revision of workers’ labor contracts. She is passionate about finding solutions to solve issues related to migrant workers in China. 


Pingcuo Zhuoma is a freshman at Fudan University majoring in clinical medicine. She is the co-founder of Candela, an organization that offers free tutoring services to children from disadvantaged families in Tibet. Zhuoma is passionate about finding creative solutions to advance the Chinese healthcare system.



Wang Xu is a senior at China University of Political Science and Law majoring in International Politics. He founded Blooming Magnolia, a series of support programs for migrant workers, focusing specifically on supporting female migrant workers in establishing their own businesses. Wang is passionate about finding solutions for financially disadvantaged communities as well as China’s marginalized migrant workers.