A man wearing a long sleeved striped shirt draws on a white wall.

Photograph by Connie Tsang

Photograph by Connie Tsang

Talking Dreams: A Conversation With Kevork Mourad

Our latest Talking Dreams Instagram Live session visited Kevork Mourad's Brooklyn studio. Known for his paintings made spontaneously and in collaboration with dancers, musicians, and composers, Mourad's work reflects both the vital act of remembering and defiant creativity in the face of tragedy. While in conversation with Triennial artistic director Boon Hui Tan, Mourad spoke about the importance of memory, place, and improvisation; showed us many works representing places from his childhood in Syria, and even conducted a live demonstration of his unique acrylic-and-ink painting process.

Mark your calendars for the next Talking Dreams conversation with Song-Ming Ang, September 25 on Instagram @asiasociety.

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