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Hyperallergic Interviews Boon Hui Tan

Recently, arts publication Hyperallergic caught up with Triennial artistic director Boon Hui Tan as part of their ongoing Meet the NYC Art Community interview series. Tan chatted with interviewer Dessane Lopez Cassell about his first memory of art, what keeps him up at night and gets him out of bed in the morning, and what he's been working on through COVID-19 quarantine (spoiler alert: it's the Asia Society Triennial).

We loved his answer to the question about what keeps him up at night and have quoted it in full below:

Creatively speaking, what keeps you up at night and what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

I am concerned about the art world becoming increasingly disconnected from the pulse of daily life and seen as products that add value to people and places. I find myself thinking more and more about how my exhibitions and programs can have heart and an emotional punch beyond big spectacle and “pretty'” forms of art. I think the artistic response to this commercialization of the art world is to think small, discrete but emotional. Enough with cool art!

What really gets me out of bed is having the opportunity and privilege to talk to artists as part of my job, to see their work develop over time and still be surprised each day by their art.

Read his entire interview at Hyperallergic.

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