Nasim Nasr artwork.

Nasim Nasr, 33 Beads (Unworried) #1, 2018. Single-channel digital high-definition video. Duration: 1 minutes, 47 seconds. Courtesy of the artist. Image courtesy of the artist

Why Art? Why Now?: Artistic Practice as a Way of Thinking

Thursday 29 October 2020
7 - 8 p.m. New York Time

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During this time when we often feel as if we are on shifting sands, opposing ideological positions are fueling an antagonistic stance towards individuals, communities, and nations who are perceived as “different” or “not like us.” What, then, are the roles of art and artists in this current moment?

How can art provoke a way of thinking through the divisive issues that confront us now when politics and political structures have seemingly fallen short? This panel gathers artists whose practice responds to questions of historical conflict and memory, cultural ignorance and difference, and the complex cultural contexts around environmental safety.

Featured panelists: Asia Society Triennial artists Kevork Mourad, Nasim Nasr, and Ken + Julia Yonetani; Moderated by the Triennial's Artistic Director Boon Hui Tan, vice president of global artistic programs and director of Asia Society Museum.

On Thursday, October 29 at 7 p.m. New York time, watch the event live on Asia Society's Facebook or YouTube page.


Kevork Mourad

On View: Part 1

Nasim Nasr

On View: Part 1

Ken + Julia Yonetani

On View: Part 1