Lu Yang

b. 1984 in Shanghai, China
Working in Shanghai, China
Showing at Asia Society Museum
On view from March 16, 2021, through June 27, 2021

Lu Yang is one of the rising stars of the younger generation of mainland Chinese artists. His multimedia work explores gender, biology, neuroscience, and religion through the genres of gaming technology and Japanese manga, which are popular within youth culture. Lu Yang studied at the China Art Academy, Hangzhou, under the video pioneer Zhang Peili, and received a BFA in new media in 2007 and an MFA in new media in 2010.

Adopting the adage that each of us is born and dies alone, Dokusho Dokushi Hello World transposes the solitary journey toward spiritual enlightenment into the virtual realm. Lu challenges the boundaries of reality by harnessing new technologies to, according to the artist, digitally reincarnate himself as a non-binary digital avatar, Dokusho Sokushi (aka Doku). Without the physical constraints of time and space, Doku is able to consider the possibility of immortal life in the virtual realm. Doku’s search for answers to enduring existential questions relating to consciousness and the meaning of life, influenced by Buddhist and Daoist philosophy, creates a provocative take on humankind’s search for purpose and absolution from our mortal coil.

Supported by Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation and BMW.