Joyce Ho

b. 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan
Working in Taipei, Taiwan
Showing at Asia Society Museum
On view from March 16, 2021, through June 27, 2021
Joyce Ho An Artist Talk

Joyce Ho, An Artist Talk, 2017/2020. Performance lecture. Courtesy of the artist. Photograph courtesy of the artist

Joyce Ho’s interdisciplinary practice ranges across painting, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. Her works focus on the daily rituals of life, deconstructing and fragmenting everyday gestures and movements. These artistic projects often envelop the viewer in a familiar yet strange world and destabilize our conventional views and modes of perception.

For the Triennial, Ho presents a new performance, titled An Artist Talk, in which a mostly impassive performer enacts a sequence of queued actions derived from everyday movements that is synchronized with a video projection, which seems to mirror the action on stage. The rituals of our lives, so easily overlooked, are magnified and even transformed through this doubling and expansion of the performed image, revealing seemingly insignificant details. In the Asia Society galleries, Ho populates a semi-enclosed space with a series of intimate works that make typically familiar and domestic objects unfamiliar, such as a ceiling light that recalls an emergency button and a series of shirts that are neatly folded and stacked. Many of her sculptures and installations, despite their cool and sleek forms, evoke the odd, the humorous, and the uneasy. Employing slight alterations in form, material, and function, Ho challenges our perceptions of how domestic objects shape our relationship to the spaces we inhabit.