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Known as “the way of flowers” or “giving life to flowers,” ikebana is an elegant art of floral arrangement in Japan. With a history of over six centuries, ikebana grew out of the Buddhist tradition of offering flowers to the deceased and has evolved into an art form in its own right with distinct schools and styles.

Focusing on the Ichiyo school and led by the Ikebana International Houston Chapter 12, the demonstration will introduce visitors of all levels to this timeless Japanese decorative custom.


About the Presenter

Janet Knowlton first started studying ikebana when she moved to Tokyo for her husband’s job in 1986. She earned her Instructor Certificate in 1990 and was fortunate to be able to study with Akihiro Kasuya, the Headmaster of the Ichiyo School, for three years until she left Japan in 1993. Since then, she has lived in numerous cities across more than one continent, yet she has always maintained a strong relationship with the local Ikebana International chapter and continued studying, practicing, and promoting the Japanese art of flower arrangement. In 2009, Janet became a Master in the Ichiyo School and in 2011, she was named the Director of the Ichiyo Branch of Greater Chicago. Currently she lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she teaches out of her ikebana studio. She has exhibited in Tokyo in the Ichiyo School Anniversary Exhibitions in 2001 and 2012 and has an arrangement published in the 1991 Shufunotomo book Ikebana Ichiyo School. She leads several workshops throughout the year for Ichiyo students.


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Tue 22 Oct 2013
1:30 PM
1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004 713.496.9901
Free and open to the public.
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