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Asia Society Switzerland focuses on a set of strategic topics at any given time. We are continuously updating the list. For questions or thoughts, please reach out to us at switzerland@asiasociety.org

Asian Innovation

Asia – and China in particular – is fast becoming a leader in technological and scientific innovation. How does "Asian innovation" look like? How will they influence us?

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China and the World

Latest since the 19th party congress, it has become clear that China is looking to increase its global influence. What role does the country see for itself on the world stage? How will rivals and allies respond?

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The Korean Peninsula

The situation in North Korea will remain a matter of international interest. How will the status quo develop? How will it influence us?

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  • The Asia Society Book Club: «Pachinko» by Min Jin Lee, on April 19, 2018

Demographic Changes

Changes in the demographic makeup of societies are a challenge for countries around the world – especially in Asia: China, Japan and South Korea are among the fastest-aging population in the world. How do the States cope with this challenge? 

Japan's Resurgence?

After a long period of stagnation, Japan's economy has returned to growth. But will it last?


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