The Belt and Road Initiative

China's Great Game Plan or a Game with an Open End?

BRI (c) S. Jung

A. The Interviews

  • Peter Frankopan, Professor for Global History, Worcester College Oxford

B. What We Are Reading

C. Our Conference


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A. The Interviews

Peter Frankopan: «You Do Not Move If you Only Tread Water»

The Oxford Historian just published The New Silk Roads, the follow up to his 2015 bestseller The Silk Roads. In the three years since its release the world has changed a lot and it keeps on doing so at an ever rapid pace. We asked the Oxford Professor for Global History how the BRI plays into the recent developments and the many other initiatives that have emerged. 



B. What We Are Reading

Central Asia Centrality: Two visually stunning reportages and an overview of BRI reception in Central Asia.
The New York Times: Can China Turn the Middle of Nowhere Into the Center of the World Economy? 
Dry docks, dept-trap diplomacy, and detentions.

The Guardian: Follow the New Silk Road
«Eerily empty» mega malls, contaminated lakes, and a new deep sea port for Georgia.

Voices on Central Asia: China's Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Central Asia  
A review of a collection of papers on the BRI in Central Asia, published by Nazarbayev University – the university where Xi Jinping announced the BRI first in 2013.


C. Our Conference

The Belt and Road Initiative – Separating Myth from Fact
An Asia Society Long Conversation in cooperation with Credit Suisse
April 2, 2019, 14:00 – 17:00

Much has been written about China's «Belt and Road Initiative» – the ambitious but also shape-shifting initiative aimed at upgrading the world’s connectivity infrastructure. After a little over five years, the project has expanded to include a «Polar Silk Road» and a «Digital Silk Road», among many other things. Yet much remains unclear about the BRI: How much money is actually being invested? Is the motivation behind the initiative political, economic – or both? Will it bring opportunities for Switzerland and Swiss companies – or does it pose challenges?

Join us as we explore these questions through the format of a «long conversation»: A half-day event combining keynotes and a series of one-on-one conversations on stage between academics, thinkers, politicians and business representatives like Bruno Maçães, Theresa Fallon, or Michael O'Sullivan.

Find more speakers and all informations here.
Or buy your tickets here directly.

This event is co-hosted by Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse Forum St. Peter
St. Peterstrasse 19
8001 Zurich

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