Interview with Christine Yoo, Writer, Director, and Producer of 'Wedding Palace'

Hear about her experience making the first U.S.-Korean independent co-production


Wedding Palace
The first U.S.-Korea independent co-production, Wedding Palace is a family comedy. Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, Korea, the film is in English and features elements of animation. Billed as the Korean-American My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the story centers on an international online romance fueled by imagination and 24/7 video chats.

Pressured to get married by family and friends, 29-year-old advertising executive Jason Kim finds the woman of his dreams in cyberspace, 9000 miles away in Seoul, Korea. But when Na Young arrives in Los Angeles, Jason soon discovers that a relationship can sometimes be deeper online than in real life. Can Jason find the courage to defy his parents and bridge the gap between family expectations of beauty and true love? With all of her "shortcomings," is Na Young the special girl with the power to break his family's ancient curse forever?

Starring are Brian Tee (Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift) and S. Korean award-winning actress Kang Hye-Jung (Old Boy), making her American debut. Bobby Lee, Stephen Park, Joy Osmanski, and Margaret Cho enliven the comedic supporting cast.

Provided courtesy of GoGoGo Entertainment. Not rated


CHRISTINE YOO, Writer/Director/Producer

Wedding Palace is Christine Yoo’s directing debut. Prior to making the film, Yoo worked for more than a decade building credits as an editor and then as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Highlights include co-writing Afro Samurai, starring Samuel L. Jackson for Spike TV/Fuji TV, an animation series for an Emmy- nominated franchise that includes a book, video game, and feature film. For Lionsgate, Yoo co-wrote & developed an original screenplay For Steppers Only. Yoo represented Asians in Hollywood at the 2012 White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders’ Briefing on Philanthropy and served as a judge for their 2011 video contest, “What’s Your Story?” Recently, Yoo was selected to direct for the 2012 5th Annual NBC Diversity Showcase. Currently Yoo is directing commercials and planning her next feature project to launch in 2013. She earned her BA in Film Production from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and graduated summa cum laude.

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