Shilpa Gupta: 'Driven By Instinct' to Become an Artist

'Singing Cloud' by Shilpa Gupta

MUMBAI, May 5, 2012 — For the first event in Asia Society India Centre's Rendezvous with the Artist series, contemporary Indian artist Shilpa Gupta gave an in-depth presentation to Asia Society members and guests in her studio. She explored many of the interactive projects, sculptural works and multimedia installations she has made in Mumbai and onsite at commissioning museums across the world.

Gupta's presentation concluded with clips from the recent French production of John Adams's opera Nixon in China that featured her stunning set designs. Questions from the event organizers and audience members led Gupta to talk about her research methods and technical abilities, and to analyze the state of Indian contemporary art in the global present.

Video highlights of the talk, below, feature Gupta being interviewed by Pooja Varma, Senior Programme Officer of Asia Society India Centre, who asks what pushed her to become an artist, how she deals with issues of social injustice in her work and, finally, the various ways people react to her art in different spaces.

Video: Shilpa Gupta's ASIC interview on May 5, 2012 (7 min., 14 sec.)

Asia Society India Centre's Rendezvous with the Artist series is generously sponsored by Christie's, the world's leading auction house.