Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Praises Relief Effort

China's Vice President Xi Jingping at the 18th Asian Corporate Conference in Tianjin. (Asia Society)

TIANJIN, CHINA, May 28, 2008 - Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping praised the relief work being carried out in the wake of the devastating earthquake earlier in the month.

Addressing the 18th Asian Corporate Conference in Tianjin, Vice President Xi said that the 8.0-magnitude earthquake in Sichuan Province on May 12 was the most powerful quake since the new China was established in 1949.

He said that foreign governments and aid organizations had also been very helpful.

"After the quake, several foreign rescue teams and medical professionals have been sent to the quake-hit areas to search and rescue the people," Xi said, adding that relief materials and funds from the international community were continuously pouring into quake-hit areas.

In one of his first appearances before an international audience since being promoted to his post in March, he said Beijing will be ready to host the Summer Olympics despite the devastation and the rebuilding effort that is already under way.

The Vice President praised the theme of the conference, A New Era for Global Business: Sustainable Growth for China and the World, saying "I believe the conference will achieve fruitful results and provide valuable experience for countries and regions in the world."

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