School Life

Students in an Asia Society International Studies School. Photo: Eric O'Connell.

The variety of academic and extracurricular experiences within each school in the International Studies Schools Network enables every student to compete, connect, and collaborate in the 21st century.  Students in ISSN schools are active participants in their own education, choosing the classes and activities that can broaden and deepen their own interests while enabling them to communicate and cooperate with their peers to achieve their goals. 

Each ISSN school has a unique set of offerings.  The following are examples of the wide range of opportunities available to students throughout the entire network.

Core Classes:  Social studies, English language arts, math, science, and world language courses all infuse global content, resources, and perspectives into the curriculum on a daily basis challenging students to engage in inquiry-based learning and make connections across the disciplines.

Electives: Students are able to shape their own education by selecting from an assortment of rigorous, relevant globally-focused electives ranging from world religions to global drumming to global ethics.

Advisory: The advisory program at each ISSN school not only enables students to develop the habits of mind, social skills, and global perspectives they need to succeed, but also fosters the supportive adult-student relationships pivotal to helping each student to reach his or her potential.

Simulations:  The chance for students to engage in learning that mirrors authentic, real-world situations through substantive, globally-focused simulations such as Model United Nations provides an opportunity for students to develop complex analytic and problem-solving skills directly applicable to their life-long education and careers.

Student Government: Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills through action-oriented planning and decision-making to further the growth and betterment of their school community.

Clubs: From International Journalism to Chinese Club to Social Justice Club to Marching Band, students are able to pursue their own interests and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the global issues that resonate with them and that will shape our society for years to come.

Sports: Whether it is basketball, soccer, track, or another sport, students sharpen their mental and physical acuity, build their ability to work in teams, and build a foundation for life-long health and well-being.

International Exchange/Travel:  Students are able to hone their language and communication skills while learning how to adopt and evaluate differing perspectives on world issues through experiences such as hosting exchange students from Mexico or student visitors from Bahrain; traveling to China, Costa Rica, Italy, or Germany; and participating in an online book club with their peers in the Middle East.

Service: The community service and service-learning opportunities ISSN students participate in prepare them to be active global citizens by engaging directly with their local, national, and international communities.

Internships: Building on the career exploration that starts with career days and speakers in many of the schools, all students are required to participate in a globally-focused internship during their junior or senior year.