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Wendy Cutler writes that the Trump administration should seek a long-term solution to the United States' trade differences with China.
Anubhav Gupta on the implications of the Modi-Xi informal summit in China on April 27-28.
Kevin Rudd on the core Interests that shape China's behavior in the world.
Wendy Cutler on the Trump administration's trade delegation to China for two-day, high-level economic meetings.

Wendy Cutler describes what it takes to be a trade negotiator on the Peterson Institute's "Trade Talks" podcast.
Wendy Cutler writes that Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump must focus on easing trade tensions sector by sector.

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In an excerpt from his new book "Not for the Faint Hearted," the former Australia prime minister and current Asia Society Policy Institute president describes his lifelong fascination with the Middle Kingdom.
From Israel/Palestine to the Syrian refugee crisis, author Ian Bremmer argues that a willingness to "dehumanize" others has become more prevalent.
Despite the country's formidable military and diplomatic footprint, the Lowy Institute's Asia Power Index ranks North Korea low because of its weakness in other measures of power.
The Lowy Institute's Asia Power Index measures economic, military, diplomatic, and cultural power throughout the region.
Two decades ago, Beijing was poised to adopt a Western-style economic system. Daniel Rosen explains why it didn't happen.
Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Wendy Cutler discusses what to look for during this week's meeting.

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