Forbes Asia Names Asia 21 Fellows 'Heroes of Philanthropy'

Sandiaga Uno, Asia 21 Fellow and Founding Partner of Saratoga Capital.

August 25, 2011 — Asia Society Asia 21 fellow Sandiaga Uno, founding partner of Saratoga Capital, was recognized by Forbes Asia magazine as one of "48 Heroes of Philanthropy."

Uno was recognized for his Inotek Foundation, which provides grants to support technological innovation, and for his Mien R. Uni Foundation (MRUF), which encourages entrepreneurship through scholarships and startup funds. He was Enterprise Asia's 2008 Indonesian Entrepreneur of the Year.

"I feel honored to be recognized as one of the outstanding leaders in the field of philanthropy in Asia. I hope that I can spread the philanthropic spirit and inspire others to participate and become more involved in philanthropic activities," said Uno, who believes that anyone can make a difference and create positive impacts regardless of his or her profession or passion. Uno strongly believes that entrepreneurship is one of the best solutions to eradicate the major challenges that Indonesia faces, including youth unemployment and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Through his work with MRUF, Uno hopes to bring a sustainable change that can empower the people of Indonesia, especially the youth. In the future, MRUF seeks to build on existing programs by collaborating with prominent universities and institutions across Indonesia, and to strengthen its network in the field of education.

Asia 21 fellow Chung To, founder of Chi Heng Foundation, was also recognized as one of "48 Heroes of Philanthropy" by Forbes Asia.