Wendy Cutler: Three Biggest Hurdles to U.S.-China Trade Deal

Wendy Cutler on Squawk Box

ASPI Vice President Wendy Cutler spoke to CNBC’s Squawk Box as negotiations between the U.S. and China resumed in Washington this week.

“It’s clear that these negotiations are in the final stages,” Cutler states, “They’re down to a handful of final issues, those are tricky issues, but compromises can be reached on all of them, and so I’m optimistic a deal can be reached.” Cutler highlights what she views at the three main issues: first, what to do with existing tariffs should a deal be reached; second, how to enforce the obligations made under the deal; and third, dealing with the issue of forced technology transfer. While these issues remain, Cutler says that over 200 pages of the agreement have reportedly been concluded. While the trade deal won’t fix everything in the U.S.-China relationship, Cutler says, it will help them improve, and the negotiations have established “high-level contacts between the two governments, which is key for resolving any problems in the future.”

Watch her full remarks on Squawk Box.