Wendy Cutler: Delay of China Tariff Hike a 'Good Sign'

Wendy Cutler on MSNBC

Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Wendy Cuter joined MSNBC to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to delay U.S. tariff hikes against China past the March 1 deadline.

"Delaying the imposition of tariffs and giving the negotiators more time to work, is a good sign," states Cutler. While Cutler believes progress is being made towards a U.S.-China trade deal, that progress may be uneven as some of the most important issues will take more time to work through. "The key of this negotiation is to get at the structural issues which include intellectual property protection, forced technology transfer, and excessive subsidies to state-owned enterprises. It is important that any deal that is brought home and concluded, contains real, meaningful provisions in these areas," advises Cutler.

For these negotiations to ultimately be successful, Cutler believes it is crucial to have detailed enforcement provisions where the two sides can jointly look at whether the agreed-upon obligations are being met.

Watch the interview on MSNBC.