ASPI’s core staff members are based in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The Honorable Kevin Rudd



Wendy Cutler

Vice President and Managing Director, Washington, D.C. Office


Daniel Russel

Diplomat in Residence and Senior Fellow


Debra Eisenman

Managing Director


Lindsey Ford

Director of Political-Security Affairs, Richard Holbrooke Fellow,
and Deputy Director of the Washington D.C. Office


Anubhav Gupta

Assistant Director


Patrick Ingle

Special Assistant and Advisor to the President


Jing Qian

Research Fellow and Advisor to the President


Sarah Marten

Senior Executive Associate to the President


Minyoung (Minnie) Shin

Senior Program Officer, Sustainability 


Alison Angoff

Program Officer


Jacob Bell

Program Officer

John Van Oudenaren

John Van Oudenaren

Program Officer

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