North Korea Under Pressure After UN Approves New Sanctions

Daniel Russel on BBC Radio 4

Ambassador Nikki Haley delivers remarks at an emergency UN Security Council meeting on nonproliferation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, July 5, 2017 (US Mission to the UN / Flickr)

The UN Security Council approved additional sanctions on North Korea with a unanimous decision. The UN action came in response to repeated missile tests by the North that have destabalized the region. On August 7, Daniel Russel told BBC Radio 4 that new UN sanctions against North Korea were a "significant advance" that will slow the progress of the North Korean nuclear program.

According to Russel, "one of the important aspects of the latest resolution is that it moves from putting a cap on the export of minerals from North Korea to banning them outright... It also puts a stop to any expansion on North Korean labour export, which is another source of income" for North Korea. (10 min., 48 sec.)

Listen to the full story here. 

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