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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


GRI provides a common set of standards for companies and other organizations to report on and take responsibility for their economic, environmental, and social impacts. 

Sumber(-sumber) Deskripsi

Adapted from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), “About GRI,” accessed in 2022, View the Website; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), “Our mission and history,” accessed in 2022, View the Website.

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General: [email protected]
Media Inquiries: [email protected]

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Alamat(-alamat) Kantor

Barbara Strozzilaan No. 336, Amsterdam, 1083 HN, The Netherlands

Alamat(-alamat) Surat-menyurat

Global Reporting Initiative, P.O. Box 10039, 1001 EA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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+31 20-531-0

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