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Laws, Policies, & Guidelines

Sinohydro Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

Scope of Application

Guidelines for staff and third parties within Sinohydro’s project areas.


Offers specific guidance to ensure the health and safety (H&S) of staff.

General Key Points

Sinohydro should: 

  • Abide by regulations, standards, laws, and expectations related to H&S. 
Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

Sinohydro should: 

  • Strengthen safety training programs and address shortages of qualified labor at project sites.
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Sinohydro should: 

  • Implement an H&S management system. 
  • Implement performance requirements for activities. 
  • Identify and address H&S hazards. 
  • Regularly review and monitor the effectiveness of H&S programs.
    • Implement proactive measures for future improvement.
  • Set up a health-monitoring system at each project site. 
Applies to
Sinohydro Corporation Ltd
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