Kevin Rudd: China's Economic Reform Program is 'Not on Track'

Facebook Live Conversation

On February 15, Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) President Kevin Rudd participated in a Facebook Live chat on the trajectory of the Chinese economy and the latest update of The China Dashboard, an interactive web tool that tracks China’s economic reforms. A joint project of ASPI and the Rhodium Group, the Dashboard measures China’s progress against its own economic reform agenda.

Describing the Dashboard's recently released Winter 2018 analysis, Rudd states that "China is not on track to deliver on the reform program it announced five years ago." He does highlight the two sectors in which China has made progress in recent months — innovation and environmental policy — and discusses the areas in which China must improve to catch up to the standards it set for itself.

Rudd also answers questions from Facebook users on such related issues as China's overcapacity challenges, its trade frictions with the United States, and its policy towards state owned enterprises. (36 min., 36 sec.)

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