Kevin Rudd: China Isn't 'Desperate' for a Trade Deal with the U.S.

Kevin Rudd on CNBC

ASPI President Kevin Rudd joins CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia to discuss China’s position leading up to the May 9 U.S.-China trade talks in Washington, D.C.

Rudd argues that “any American assumption that China is…economically desperate is not well placed.” Social media and news commentary in China indicate a “movement of low-level defiance,” Rudd says, while stimulus measures allow China to approach these negotiations in what he describes as “a considerably stronger economic position in its own self-perception, and in the numbers” than six months ago. Rudd notes substantive issues at stake, including U.S. frustration with the absence of promises to integrate the bilateral agreement into Chinese law.

Watch the full interview at CNBC.

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