How Does Xi Jinping Construct his Worldview?

A Sinica Podcast

Kevin Rudd, ASPI President

Kevin Rudd, ASPI President.

This week on the Sinica Podcast, powered by SUP China, host Kaiser Kuo speaks with the Honorable Kevin Rudd, the 26th prime minister of Australia and the inaugural President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. He is also a doctoral student at Jesus College, University of Oxford, who, through his studies, hopes to provide an explanation as to how Xi Jinping constructs his worldview. Mr. Rudd elaborates on the extent to which the Chinese government’s worldview has changed, the current direction of that worldview, and how much of that can be owed to Xi Jinping and domestic political maneuvering.  

The two take a deep dive into the state of ongoing flux in the U.S.-China relationship; the now-strategic competition between the U.S. and China; what the new rules for engagement are; Chinese foreign policy transitioning to a more active approach; the most significant changes in the bilateral relationship over the past 12 months; and the current state of Australia-China relations.

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