Daniel Russel: The U.S. and China Can Work Together

Interview on Xinhua News

December 6, 2017, ASPI Diplomat in Residence Daniel Russel spoke with Xinhua News about the future of U.S.-China relations.

Russel says that “the idea that the United States is trying to hurt China, to block China, or to contain China… does not have a lot of evidence.” “China’s growth and China’s influence in the region can be a very positive development” if the two countries “deal with our differences in a clear, honest, and constructive manner,” Russel states.

In highlighting China’s growth and influence in the Asia-Pacific region, Russel states that focus on the mistrust between the United States and China has overshadowed more positive signs of cooperation between the two countries in such areas as cyber security and climate. Pointing to U.S-China cooperation around the Ebola crisis, Russel says that it’s “hard to imagine big, transnational global problems being solved if the U.S. and China don’t cooperate.” (2 min., 18 secs.)