Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaks on the U.S. and China at a Crossroads in an address at Asia Society headquarters.
China is no longer a country content with its current circumstances, ASPI President Kevin Rudd tells Japan's Asahi Shimbun.
ASEAN should advance own Indo-Pacific concept or see Washington or Beijing take the lead, writes ASPI President Kevin Rudd.
China’s Economic Reforms Cannot, Should Not Stop, ASPI President Kevin Rudd writes in Caixin.
As long as the future of U.S.-China relations remain unclear, Japan's PM Shinzo Abe should work on improving China-Japan relations, says ASPI President Kevin Rudd.
A discussion of ASPI Distinguished Fellow Marty Natelegawa's new book about the Indo-Pacific's longest-standing regional organization.
Trump's position on the Korean Peninsula could leave the U.S. sitting on the sidelines while its allies run all the plays, writes ASPI's Lindsey Ford.
Understanding Xi Jinping's worldview—that China expects change—is a part of understanding how the rest of the region, and how the rest of the West, including the U.S., deals with China in the future, ASPI President Kevin Rudd tells Bloomberg.
Washington and Beijing "kind of owe" their companies and their workers a return to the negotiating table, says ASPI VP Wendy Cutler.
Kevin Rudd says Trump and Xi Jinping are leading their countries away from the 40-year-old policies that both countries have followed since the time of Deng Xiaoping and Richard Nixon.
Kevin Rudd talks to the Sinica Podcast about how Xi Jinping constructs his worldview and elaborates on the extent to which the Chinese government’s worldview has changed, the current direction of that worldview, and how much of that can be traced to Xi.
ASPI VP Danny Russel on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Internet freedom; China’s “illiberal turn”; espionage and intellectual property theft; the AIIB; and the current state of the U.S.-China relationship.
Wendy Cutler writes that Tokyo will worry about U.S. right to veto pacts with nonmarket economies, such as China
In the latest "Foreign Affairs," ASPI President Kevin Rudd poses 10 questions for policymakers considering the new U.S. China strategy.
Wendy Cutler, ASPI VP and Managing Director, and former U.S. trade negotiator, says there's an opportunity for Trump and Xi to meet on G20 sidelines to get things moving on a more constructive path.