A Night for Filipinos in Hong Kong


February 2012 will mark a new phase in Asia Society.  An Asian headquarters will be inaugurated in Hong Kong, a reflection of the deepening commitment of the organization to improve ties between countries in Asia.  One highlighted event for this week-long celebration is the ‘Filipino Night’.  This will feature the rich culture of the Philippines and its relationship to other countries in Asia.

A world-renowned Filipina folk singer, Grace Nono, will fill this night with the rich sounds and rhythms of the country.  She will be performing together with her band on the 12th day of February 2012.

This night would not only be a fundraising event for the breathtaking new site of the Hong Kong headquarters but would also be a stepping stone to regain the good relationship  between Philippines and Hong Kong.  Distinguished personalities are expected to attend this event, along with the heads of the Asia Society.