Learning How to Do Business in China

The Asia In My Pocket program of Asia Society Philippines is a six-session training program for students, young professionals and business executives on the culture and the business etiquette and intricacies in different Asian countries. 

The objective of this program is to equip its participants with the necessary tools and knowledge when interacting and transacting with different nationalities in Asia.  
Last January 12, 2012 was the session on China which featured speakers: Mr. Jianhuan Zhou, Third Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counselor's office, Mr. Zhu Min also from the Economic and Commercial Counselor's office and Ms. Rosario "Ros" Juan of NetBooster Asia. They each shared their knowledge about China and gave practical tips as to how Filipinos and Filipino-Chinese can maximize their visit and/or meetings with the Chinese and make it more effective. 
Representatives from the Economic and Commercial Counselor's office also shard great conversation starters and discussed the different industries in which China is now focusing on and promoting to other countries. Ros Juan, on the other hand, shared the different things to be take note of and consider when being in China and meeting the Chinese. 
The event was held at the Hai Shin Lou restaurant in Makati and participants ranged from young professionals, people from the non-profit sector, computer industry, graduate schools, and as well as from an accounting firm. Guests enjoyed a sample of the banquet usually done in business meetings in China while learning about the country tagged as the 'Next Global Superpower'
To register for the other sessions, e-mail info@asiasociety.org.ph
Korea - January 27 (6pm); Singapore - February 16 (6pm); Malaysia - March 8 (6pm); Japan - March 22 (6pm); India - March 29 (6pm)