Kulinarya recipe 'Sisig' gets featured in Esquire UK

First published in October 2008, Kulinarya is now on its fifth printing.


Tom Parker Bowles, a food writer in Esquire UK and the son of the Duchess of Cornwall, regarded Asia Society Philippine’s popularly celebrated Kulinarya book as ‘one of the great modern books on Filipino cuisine’. 


In his article for the August 2011 issue of the Esquire UK magazine, Mr. Parker Bowles vividly shared his experience on his trip to Manila, which was commenced to discover hidden local foods of the country.  He tasted, critiqued and loved the different dishes as he toured around Manila with the company of Mr. Ivan Henares, an awarded food and travel blogger and a fellow of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative.  He expressed in the write-up his friends’ agitations towards Manila, how those negativities were debunked by both its great and exotic cuisines and the need to preserve this priceless food culture that is being challenged by modernity and by ‘McDonaldization’.


Amongst the food he tried, the first dish that he applauded to was the ‘sisig’.  He even traveled to Pampanga, the province believed to be its place of origin, to taste a more authentic and a classy version of the dish.  Mr. Parker Bowles was noticeably captured by the spice, flavor and texture of ‘Sisig’ that he even shared a recipe of the dish in his article.  Much to our delight, his primary reference for the recipe is the Kulinarya, a book published through the initiative of the Asia Society Philippines.  It was even labeled by Mr. Parker Bowles to be included in the few selections of brilliant publications for Filipino cuisines. 


Indeed, this is truly a testimony to the success of Kulinarya.  To be acknowledged by a well-respected man from a foreign country is such an honor to the people behind the creation of Kulinarya.  This is also a worthy recognition for the efforts of the Asia Society Philippines to promote Philippine culture across the various regions of the globe, even Europe.