Filipinos: Philippines' Best Tourist Attraction


January 6, 2012- The Philippines has officially launched its newest tourism slogan; It's more fun in the Philippines.   This campaign has become an instant hit, trending no. 1 worldwide on Twitter just minutes after its release.  The Department of Tourism (DOT) said that they aimed to encapsulate what people would truly experience when they visit the Philippines.  The word 'fun', they said, best describes it.  

What bring forth the 'fun' in the experience, DOT said, are the Filipinos themselves.  They differentiate the Philippines from any other country in the world.  On the home page of the campaign's website, it stressed that the natives would 'make your holidays unforgettable'.  It also highlights Lonely Planet's comment about the Filipinos that they are 'among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere'.  This reflects the country's longstanding good reputation on showing hospitality.

The Philippines has been blessed with not only numerous breathtaking tourist destinations but also with people that possess positivity.  It is undeniable that the country lags behind other nations in terms of economy and development.  Nevertheless, the Filipinos still show that 'happiness' is not restricted to standard of living.  They never fail to share smiles on whatever situation, whether they may be rejoicing to Manny Pacquiao's victory or walking on waist-deep flood.

This campaign forwards that the Filipinos are the Philippines' best assets. The DOT hopes that this would attract 12 million visitors by 2016.

Check out the website of It's more fun in the Philippines