'Curiosity, Adventure, & Love' gets first Philippine commercial screening

'Curiosity, Adventure, & Love' Screens in Power Plant Cinemas

Curiosity, Adventure & Love had its first commercial screening at Rockwell Power Plant Cinemas last January 18-24, 2017. The documentary film is an engaging glimpse at Philippine history during the Second World War, narrated by a first-hand witness: Jessie Lichauco, a 105-year old woman who had bravely journeyed solo to the Philippines from the United States as teenager. In the documentary, the wise and still lively Lichauco accounts her experiences in the Philippines and the lessons she has gathered throughout her colorful life.

Viewers who attended the first and last screenings were treated to a question-and-answer session with Sunshine de Leon, the film's producer and director, and also the grandchild of the film's subject.

Curiosity, Adventure & Love  has made the rounds of Philippine festivals and was even awarded a Special Jury Prize (Filipino New Cinema) at the World Premieres Film Festival Philippines. It was also among the five films selected to be shown at SPOTLIGHT: Philippine Cinema 2017, a joint project of Asia Society Philippines and Asia Society Hong Kong showcasing independent Filipino films.

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