Mobile Workshop: "Towards a Sustainable Jakarta"

Please check this page for the most up-to-date information regarding the Mobile Workshop for PCSI 2016 on May 31, 2016.

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Time Activity
8:00 Gather at Hotel Aryaduta lobby
8:30 Bus departs to Pluit Reservoir
9:30 Pluit Reservoir
10:30 Depart Pluit for Old Town
11:00 Batavia "Old Town" of Jakarta
12:00 Depart Old Town
13:00 Ancol Ecopark (Lunch!)
15:00 Depart Ancol Ecopark
16:00 Arrive at Hotel Aryaduta
  Please Note: Timing subject to change


Site Descriptions:

1. Pluit Reservoir Revitalization Project

“It is predicted that 80% of North Jakarta will be 5 meters below sea level by 2030. As a response, the Pluit Reservoir Revitalization Project has been introduced within the framework of Jakarta Water Management Plan for 2030. Covering a catchment area of 2,083 hectares in North Jakarta, the reservoir can play a major role in mitigating the annual cycle of flooding.

To do so, however, requires a housing solution for many of the 15,000 households who are currently living on the banks of the reservoir. Furthermore, the revitalization of the Pluit Reservoir can help rejuvenate the surrounding areas through integrated blue and green infrastructure where people can enjoy and interact with the nature” - Guangzhou Award


2. Batavia “Old Town” of Jakarta Reborn

“Since the 18th century, the Old Town's charms had slowly been fading away; the buildings no longer represented the rich history of Jakarta. Several attempts have been made to save Old Town from dying. Many events have succeeded in attracting people back to the Old Town' just like in the old times' but only a few efforts have been taken to save the crumbling buildings. The Jakarta Old Town Reborn (JOTR) initiative, however, aims to change all that. Led by Erasmus Huis and Rumah Asuh , the JOTR initiative is helping to restore the buildings, with the assistance of seven renowned Dutch and Indonesian architects” - The Jakarta Post


3. Ancol Ocean Ecopark

"Ocean Ecopark is located in the area of nearly 34 hectares, Ocean Ecopark is the result of shifting the function of Ancol Golf Park. With green lifestyle approach, Ocean Ecopark is an open space for visitors of Ancol Taman Impian to explore botanical knowledge and outbound recreation. Ecopark divides into different functions and facilities, such as Eco Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art, and Eco Energy zones. There are coastal vegetations throughout the zones to support the environment. These plants also serve to maintain Ecopark as green, lush area, emphasizes its function as complete and fun botanical learning center." - Ancol


Gathering Place:

Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta - Lobby

All participants joining the Mobile Workshop are expected to meet at the Hotel Lobby at 8:00am. A bus will be provided to take the group to the various site. We will leave the meeting place (Lobby) at precisely 8:30am.

Signup Form:

Please note that because space is limited, we require all guests who wish to join the Mobile Workshops to please confirm your registration by filling out the signup form below. We will be offering slots on a first come, first serve basis.