Untangling the U.S. – China Narrative: Technology, Trade, and Tensions

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Asia Society Northern California and the Committee of 100 hosted “Untangling the U.S. – China Narrative: Technology, Trade, and Tensions.” The aim of the program was to examine the tension and dynamics between the two countries, specifically in the context of the trade war. 

Margaret Conley, executive director for Asia Society Northern California, welcomed about a full house to the program. Kenneth P. Wilcox, chair of the Asia Society Northern California Advisory Board, opened the program with colorful anecdotes that illustrated the current state of affairs between China and the U.S. 

Frank H. Wu, president of Committee of 100, moderated the evening’s discussion. He set the stage by reminding the audience about the roots of ping pong diplomacy between China and the U.S. and now the resurgence of the “Thucydides Trap.” Each panelists gave opening remarks. Andy Rothman, an investment strategist at Matthews Asia and member of Asia Society Northern California’s Advisory Board, started off by giving five points that are seemingly misunderstood about U.S.-China relations. Victor Wang, founding and managing partner of CEG Ventures, added his concerns over the destructive consequences with the escalation of trade war from a Silicon Valley investor perspective. Buck Gee, a co-founding board member of the Chinese American Community Foundation, member of the Committee of 100 and Asia Society Northern California’s Advisory Board, spoke about various rising complications following the deteriorating state of relations between the two countries. Mark Cohen, director at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology Asian IP Project, concluded the series of remarks with the importance of taking interest in China’s emergence as a technological superpower and the possible intent behind the heightening tension in the bilateral relationship. The evening culminated with an engaging question and answer session from audience members.

Asia Society Northern California would like to thank all of the panelists for joining the discussion and to Committee of 100 for collaborating on this timely topic.

Watch the complete discussion below (1 hr., 24 mins.)