3rd I: South Asian Film Festival

Children of the Pyre Castro Theater Saturday, November 7, 5:00pm Introduced by Prof. Angana Chatterjee, CIIS A startling film that follows seven children who eke out their living at the busiest cremation ground in Varnasi, India. This verit??-style documentary, "at times darkly funny and at others deeply morose... humanizes these children forced to grow up before their time." Love in India Roxie Theater Friday, November 6, 9:00pm Director Kaushik Mukherjee in person A deeply personal documentary that unabashedly takes on the contradictions surrounding sexuality in the Indian subcontinent -- where couples can be arrested for kissing in public, yet the erotic play of Lord Krishna and his lover Radha are widely celebrated. Mad Sad & Bad Castro Theater Sunday, November 8, 2:00pm Director Avie Luthra in person Hardeep is a psychiatrist "who can diagnose everyone's problems but his own"; Rashmi is single woman who dreams of leaving home and starting her own family; Atul is a sitcom writer aspiring for literary greatness, but stuck in mediocrity. A dark British comedy about three eccentric yet endearing siblings and their dysfunctional relationships. Zero Bridge Castro Theater Sunday, November 8, 4:15pm Director Tariq Tapa in person Dilawar, a teenage pickpocket and orphan, hopes that one of his schemes will help him escape his seemingly dead-end life in Srinagar, Kashmir, especially after he develops a friendship with the beautiful Bani ' the victim of one of his crimes. An authentic story of the Kashmiri people, inspired by Italian neo-realism.

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Thu 05 Nov 2009
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Castro and Roxie Theater San Francisco
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