Dr. Weijian Shan presents "Out of the Gobi: My Story of America and China"

Dr. Weijian Shan gave a riveting account of what it was like to be in China during The Cultural Revolution. Dr. Shan was one of many children from the “lost generation” who were stripped from their parents and sent to the rural countryside to be re-educated. He was sent to the Gobi Desert, where he was forced to work for six years in an effort to cultivate the land.

His book Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America recounts in detail his experiences and those of others around him, providing readers with a rare glimpse inside China during this time. To get the full story, his book can be purchased from Wiley Publishers.

Dr. Shan finished his moving speech by inciting that: Today, understanding China’s past is critical to moving forward with current relations.

Asia Society Northern California would like to thank Dr. Shan for his presentation and to Sidley Austin who make events like this possible.