Digital Capital Campaign

You’ve enjoyed our great programming for many years, most of which has been delivered on a shoestring budget with increasingly dated digital infrastructure. Asia Society Northern California must adapt to keep pace or fall further behind. Donations to our Digital Capital Campaign will enable us to upgrade our aging equipment and infrastructure, which has not seen a major upgrade in hardware and software for over 10 years. It’s time to bring our office infrastructure up to standard so we can build for the future.

Last year, ASNC planned and executed over 50 programs, including five major conferences and forums outside the Bay Area, in the U.S. and Asia. Our staff will be able to work faster and be able to communicate more quickly and frequently if we upgrade our infrastructure, as well as bring you timely content no matter where you are.

Now more than ever before, ASNC is relying on your generosity to continue providing outstanding educational programs to audiences in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Together with other members of the proud ASNC family, you have the collective power to make profound changes to expand Asia Society’s vision. The result of the $200,000 funding would support critical hallmarks such as:

• Continued expansion of audience reach and impact of programs by broadcasting more live programs, posting short videos to extend the reach of content, increasing the number of program attendees, growing our audiences

• Continuing to grow meaningful like-minded strategic partnerships with other non-profits, think tanks, governments, media, consulates, schools, and universities by employing a new communications position

• Bringing new audiences and growing our Young Professional Group with diverse population demographics and targeted outreach

You can also click here to donate and enable us to educate and engage more people, in more places, faster, digitally.

For more information, please email us or call us at (415) 421-8707