ASNC Young Professionals Explore "Undiscovered Japan"

In partnership with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) Alumni Association of Northern California, the Asia Society Northern California Young Professionals Group hosted "Undiscovered Japan" on September 27, 2017 at TOTO Concept 190. The event featured stories from five JET alumni that lived in different parts of Japan and highlighted the regional differences, including picturesque landscapes. The aim of the event was to showcase cities and regions outside of the major metropolitan areas. 

Each speaker gave a five minute presentation full of fun anecdotes about the prefecture where they lived for several years. Victoria Hudak lived in Saitama from 2011-2016 and talked about how during her last year in Japan, she finally went to the Chichibu Yo Matsuri. Both Chris Chu (2007-2010) and Bryan Smith (2014-2016) taught English in different parts of Nagano. Chu specificially focused on the Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival while Smith told several stories, including a ninja museum and hikes. Traveling south to the island of Kyushu, Melissa La Bouff (2009 - 2013) of ASNC Young Professionals talked about her experiences in Miyazaki and hiking through the Kirishima mountain range. Also on Kyushu, Mark Frey (2002-2006) resided in Kumamoto and showcased the beauty of Kurokawa with several amusing stories including an introduction to Kumamon, the official mascot of Kumamoto. 

ASNC Young Professionals Group and JETAANC are thankful for the support of: the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, Sapporo, and TOTO.