Video: Japan-America Writers' Dialogue

On Wednesday, Asia Society hosted a lively reading and panel conversation featuring contemporary authors from Japan and the United States. The convergence of literature and cross-culturalism was in celebration of the release of the newest issue of Monkey Business, a unique literary magazine that is published annually. The magazine features writing from Japan's contemporary writers as well as contributions from American, Canadian, and British writers. 

Speakers included Brian Evenson, teacher and novelist, Ted Goossen, a founding editor of Monkey Business and a Japanese literature professor at York University, Hiromi Itō, a contemporary Japanese poet, Roland Kelts, a contributing editor of Monkey Business and author, Hiroko Oyamada, a Japanese writer, Matthew Sharpe, a writer and creative writing professor at Columbia University, and Motoyuki Shibata, founding editor of Monkey Business and literature teacher at the University of Tokyo.

Watch the video above for the full discussion.
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