Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race

Left to right: Gary Rieschel, Rebecca Fannin, James McGregor, Joseph Tzeng (Asia Society)

NEW YORK - After years of being seen predominantly as a manufacturing hub—the "world's factory"—China is rapidly changing its status to that of an innovation and high-technology center. In her new book, Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race, Rebecca Fannin, international editor of the Asian Venture Capital Journal, explores trends for the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs that is now challenging US high-tech leadership, leading to a wide range of opportunities for insightful venture capitalists.

At the Asia Society, Fannin moderated an exciting discussion with senior China-based businessmen and venture capitalists. Based on their personal experiences and expertise, the panel analyzed likely futures for China's tech and venture emergence, providing a generally positive overall prognosis, albeit one with several important caveats.

James McGregor, Chairman and CEO, JL McGregor & Company
Gary Rieschel, Founder and Managing Director, Qiming Venture Partners
Joseph Tzeng, Managing Director, Crystal Ventures
Rebecca Fannin, International Editor, Asian Venture Capital Journal (Moderator)

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