Photos: The Future of Investing in India

In light of the various developments in India in the last few months and considering the many changes in direct and indirect tax laws likely to come into effect in 2017, what will be the impact on the country's economy and foreign direct investment? Between comprehensive reforms in India and the unknown future of U.S. foreign policy with a new administration in power, India may be at a crossroads. To discuss this situation, Asia Society hosted a special group of experts on Tuesday in an annual event hosted in collaboration with KPMG.

Speakers during the event included Naveen Aggarwal, head of the India-U.S. corridor at KPMG India, Nitin Atroley, head of sales and markets at KPMG India, Mark Barnes, partner in international corridors, high growth markets at KPMG, Rishi Chugh, partner in charge of KPMG’s U.S.-India practice, and Himanshu Mandavia, tax partner at KPMG India.

Watch the full program in the video below: