Asia Society Fellow Simone Ahuja gives an in-depth account of 'jugaad' (Indian innovation).
Journalist Justine Hardy assesses the possibilities for rehabilitation and renewal in Kashmir.
See "Asia in America" at Asia Society through May!
See "Asia in America" at Asia Society through May!

The Tibet in Pema Tseden's films isn't the one that has been exoticized in Western cinema.
Asia Society Museum curator Adriana Proser on the journeys that have inspired Buddhist art.
Jaswant Singh on what he calls "the most traumatic event of the 20th century."
Azerbaijan's great singer explains the mugham tradition to a Western audience.
Will the 2010 Indian Union Budget help foster a growth-oriented economy?
“It's become my way of life," admits the former dancer, and star of <em>Platform</em> and <em>The World</em>.

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