Kick Off Asian Pacific American Heritage Month With a Special Asian American Showcase

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Asia Society has invited a handful of Asian American designers and authors to showcase their unique merchandise at the AsiaStore. Visit between May 1 and May 17 to meet the artists and see their designs in person. Can't wait? Check out our online store!

Click on individual programs for more information. 

Carabao Horn Jewelry by Juliana Santos-Garrett

Juliana Santos-Garrett
Wednesday, May 1, 12-3:30 pm
Juliana Santos expresses her individuality through combinations and conjunctions of the different elements. Combining metals, stones, and gems along with the ethically-sourced caribou horn, allows Juliana to create pieces that are reflections of what appears in her mind’s eye during the jewelry making process, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces.  Shop Now


Alex Tukelturk AsiaStore

Alex Tukelturk
Thursday, May 3, 12-3:30 pm
With her start as a shibori artist, Yuh Okano synthesizes fiber technology and handcrafting techniques for detailed three-dimensional accessories. Her inspiration arises from her fascination with organic shapes within the world of nature, capturing these moments in delicate patterns, colors, and textures.  Shop Now


Lucy Yung AsiaStore

Lucy Yung
Saturday, May 5, 12-3:30 pm
Lucy Yung is the founder of the Silver Needle Tea Company whose quest is to find exquisite whole leaf teas, the highest quality pure tea, sustained in an ethical manner. The team travels across the globe each season to partner with extraordinary tea plantations. Shop Now



Melissa Lew AsiaStore

Melissa Lew
Friday, May 9, 12-3:30 pm
First-generation American Melissa Lew is influenced by her Chinese heritage — especially its deep respect and esteem for nature. Melissa shows her own respect by working with 100 percent-recycled materials such as bamboo, stainless steel, and recycled silver to create unique sculptural jewelry. Shop Now



Rosena Sammi AsiaStore

Rosena Sammi
Tuesday, May 16, 12-3 pm
Rosena Sammi combines her passion for jewelry with her love of history to create glamorous, seductive pieces reminiscent of the royal courts of India. Opulent and elegant, her collections integrate traditional Indian elements with a modern aesthetic, resulting in stunning colors and textures. Shop Now

Disha Karale - AsiaStore

Disha Karale
Tuesday, May 17, 12-3:30 pm
Disha combines her fascination with intricate henna-designs and love of jewelry-making to create a collection that reflects the unique shapes and patterns inspired by traditional Indian henna designs. Her silver art is carved with unique designs and oxidized for an antique-finish. Shop Now