Kai-Yin Lo: Making History Wearable

(Kai-Yin Lo)

Kai-Yin Lo.

Internationally renowned designer Kai-Yin Lo is one of the first Chinese designers to successfully break into the global market. She is best known as a pioneer of contemporary and easy-to-wear traditional Chinese jewelry and for elevating the use of semi-precious stones into a mainstay in jewelry design. In her work, she reinterprets culture and heritage into original and highly wearable art that both reflects China and Asia’s past and present, as well as heralds the future.

Lo is also a noted authority on several fields of Chinese art and culture. She has published five books in English and Chinese, covering topics ranging from Chinese white ceramics, furniture and architecture to vernacular living environments, and design culture itself.

In the video below from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Lo reflects on her education, how her cultural background has influenced her work, and on the future of design.

Video: The Big Idea: Creative Design (HKTDC)

Join Kai-Yin Lo at the Asia Society on June 24 and 25 as she presents her spring/summer 2015 jewelry collection.