Jewelry Designer Federico De Vera on 'Craftsmanship' in Filipino Design

Filipino Design Now is a special showcase celebrating the artistic visions of 14 renowned Filipino designers, and is part of a season of programming related to the Asia Society exhibition Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms. The showcase was organized by Federico De Vera, who is best known for his work as a jewelry designer, gallery owner, and the author of the books De Vera Objects and De Vera Jewelry.

De Vera describes the common themes he uncovered while organizing Filipino Design Now. “Each designer believes in preserving traditional Filipino crafts — embroidery, ikat weaving, goldsmithing, woodcarving — and using indigenous materials, such as coconuts, shells, abaca, ebony, or gold.”

De Vera also described the evolution of Filipino design. “Filipinos are more aware of the importance of craftsmanship and good design,” he said. “They have come to use traditional techniques to make new designs and forms. Others have used traditional forms and patterns for new applications.”

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