Yoshihiro Suda: In Focus



Asia Society is pleased to present the first solo New York museum exhibition ofYoshihiro Suda (born 1969, Japan), a Japanese contemporary artist known for his hyper-realistic sculptures of plants and flowers created in the tradition of Japanese wood carving. For this exhibition, Suda will create a new work inspired by Asia Society’s Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection of traditional Asian art. The work will be installed alongside pieces from the Rockefeller Collection that have been selected by the artist. Through the juxtaposition and installation of his new work with traditional works, Suda questions the way we view objects, in both nature and museums.

The exhibition and is part of an ongoing series of exhibitions in which contemporary artists are commissioned to create new works of art inspired by works of their choice from Asia Society’s Rockefeller Collection.

Yoshihiro Suda: In Focus exhibition website

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