Seeds of Creativity


Seeds of Creativity is an exhibition about how we look at art. What are the qualities of an object that attract us, that intrigue us, that capture our imaginations? What inspires us and what do we take away with us? This exhibition uses the Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection of Asian art as the catalyst for exploring these questions. Students from seven New York City schools visited the Asia Society Museum and guided by contemporary artists, made new creations based upon the works that inspired them.

In an innovative approach to museum exhibition, student works are displayed along with the Rockefeller pieces that motivated them. As the visitor views the virtual tour of Seeds of Creativity, he or she can see how students absorbed the works that they saw.

Responses varied fromstudent to student, from class to class. What students saw, what elements they selected and chose to emphasize in their own creations throws light both on varying impact of a work of art and on the process of individual artistic creation. By displaying these fresh reinterpretations, we hope to encourage other young visitors to appreciate Asian art and be emboldened to create.

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