Inspired by Lin Tianmiao: Works by New York City Students


Organized by Asia Society in collaboration with STUDIO IN A SCHOOL

Inspired by Lin Tianmiao is part of a series of exhibitions that presents the work of New York City students created in response to the great artistic traditions of Asia. This year the exhibition presents student artwork inspired by leading Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao. Students from four New York City elementary schools visited Asia Society in the fall of 2012 to view the exhibition Bound Unbound: Lin Tianmiao, which included her two-dimensional works and installations. With guidance from teachers and teaching artists, the students created new works of art based on their observations and reflections.

The students’ works are displayed alongside illustrations of some of the pieces that motivated them. The elements that were attractive, engaging, and captivating in her works of art varied for each individual. What students chose to emphasize in their own works throws light on both the process of artistic creation and on their own cultures’ personal histories. By displaying these fresh interpretations on traditional arts, we hope to encourage other young visitors to exercise their creativity.

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